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  • 导演:KimHyo-jae  
  • 剧情:

剧情:"Boss, I am... good?"The silent secret of the perfect woman. Genius Consulting is a recruiting company that provides Board of Members of large corporates and professional talents to China. As the original secretary for Joo Yeong-cheol, CEO of the company went on her maternity leave, Ji-won, a new secretary is hired and starts filling the position. All the employees welcome her who looks sexy at a glance, is capable of doing her job and also has a warm good personality. On a rainy night, CEO Joo and his new secretary Ji-won have a brief beer break, while working until late at night in the office. As she leaves the office earlier than him because she does not want to disturb his work, CEO Joo feels a little sorry. She soon gets surrounded by the male employees and has a pleasant and loud conversation with them, when leaving the office, and this makes CEO Joo feel jealous. One day, when he drops off Ji-won at her house after work, the work relationship turns into something secretive...“老板,我是……好吗?” 沉默的完美女人的秘密。天才咨询是一家招聘公司,提供董事会成员的大型企业和专业人才到中国。作为Joo Yeong-cheol原来的秘书,该公司的首席执行官继续她的产假,恐怖,雇用一个新秘书,开始填补这个职位。所有的员工欢迎她看起来性感乍一看,谁能做她的工作,也有一个温暖的好性格。在一个下雨的晚上,CE